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Greylock Environmental, Inc.

Providing Water Resources and Environmental Services
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Concrete Recycling


                                     Soil and Groundwater Cleanup. Hardel Mutual Plywood Site, Olympia, WA.

                                     Provided project management and environmental field support for remediation of petroleum-

                                     contaminated soils and groundwater at the former Hardel Mutual Plywood site in Olympia,

                                     Washington.Oversaw soil and groundwater removal.Field geologist performed on-site soil

                                     sampling at excavation limits for confirmation laboratory analysis, along with logging of observed

                                     subsurface conditions including soil types and groundwater seepage.Utilized field screening

                                     methods during soil sampling activities including a photo-ionization detector (PID) and sheen

                                     tests.Reviewed laboratory data for comparison to target cleanup levels and tabulated results.

                                     Performed weekly sampling of treated groundwater from the on-site excavation dewatering

                                     system for laboratory analysis and prepared brief summary reports of results.


Sediment Sampling


                                     Water Quality Monitoring, Soil Sampling, Sediment Sampling, and Marine Mammal Monitoring.

                                     Army Reserve Pier 23 Replacement Project, Tacoma, WA.

                                     Provided environmental technical support to the prime contractor, General Construction Company.

                                     Monitored water quality during pier demolition, debris removal, dredging, and pile driving. Sampled

                                     soil to determine landfill acceptance. Performed offshore sediment sampling to determine compliance

                                     with Sediment Management Standards. Monitored for marine mammals during pile driving. Prepared  

                                     environmental work plans and sampling plans to support the construction project.


Sediment Sampling 


                                     Agreed Order Negotiations and Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study.

                                     Hardel Mutual Plywood, Olympia, WA.

                                     Prepared Work Plans and Sampling and Analysis Plans for a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility

                                     Study at a 17-acre waterfront property in Olympia, Washington.Performed soil, groundwater,

                                     and sediment sampling.  Performed a tidal study and prepared groundwater flow maps during

                                     high and low tides. Prepared a Remedial Investigation Report and Feasibility Study in accordance

                                     with the Model Toxics Control Act.


Remedial Investigation


                                    Due Diligence, Agreed Order Negotiations, and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility

                                    Study, Former Reliable Steel Site. Olympia, WA.

                                    Performed a fast-track environmental due diligence assessment at a site contaminated

                                    with polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phthalates, metals, and diesel in Olympia, Washington.

                                    Assisted with Agreed Order negotiations, prepared Sampling and Analysis Plans, and

                                    implemented a Remedial Investigation which included soil, groundwater, and offshore

                                    sediment sampling.


Sediment Cleanup


                                     Mouth of Hylebos Waterway Cleanup. Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA.

                                     In cooperation with Occidental Chemical Corp., managed the cleanup of 600,000 cubic

                                     yards of contaminated sediment from the Mouth of Hylebos Waterway.Constructed a berm

                                     along an obsolete slip in Blair Waterway.Dredged and placed contaminated sediments inside

                                     the berm to create a nearshore fill. Capped sediments with clean sand.Oversaw consultants

                                     and contractors from design through construction. Secured approximately $5 million in grants

                                     from Department of Ecology. Provided arbitration and cost-recovery support.


Phase I_Environmental Site Assessment


                                    Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Various Clients, Western U.S.

                                    Performed or Supervised over 100 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

                                    in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.Properties have included industrial, commercial, and

                                    residential sites. Evaluated potential liabilities in accordance with the American Society for

                                    Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice for Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site



Groundwater Cleanup


                                    Milwaukee Railyard Groundwater Cleanup, Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA.

                                    Negotiated a Pre-Purchaser Consent Decree with Department of Ecology for cleanup of

                                    a 6-acre diesel/bunker C product plume on groundwater. Managed the design of a 34-well

                                    recovery system. Oversaw construction of the wells and treatment system. Managed

                                    trouble-shooting during operation of treatment system. Revised design to improve efficiency.


Soil & Groundwater Cleanup


                                            Environmental Program Management, Port of Tacoma, Washington.

                                     At the Port of Tacoma, managed over $80 million in environmental contracts with

                                     over 40 different consultants, contractors, and laboratories in the northwestern U.S.

                                     Required strict cost control and accountability of contractors.Contracts have included

                                     Superfund investigations; soil, sediment, and groundwater investigations; remediation

                                     design and construction; property assessments; SEPA assessments, air quality

                                     assessments, compliance audits; wetland assessments; and stormwater permitting.


Stockpile for Sampling


                                    Port of Olympia, On-Call Support for Environmental Agreed Orders and Cleanup Sites,

                                    Olympia, WA.

                                    Assisted Port of Olympia staff and lead consultants with Agreed Orders for the Interim Action Berth

                                    Cleanup and the East Bay Interim Action cleanup projects.Reviewed and commented on project

                                    documents, prepared draft schedules, prepared draft presentations, and participated in team meetings

                                    and agency meetings.



                                   East Bay Groundwater Study, Port of Olympia, Olympia, WA.

                                   Performed a groundwater study at the Port of Olympia's East Bay site to identify whether the

                                   shallow aquifer was tidally influenced.Monitored groundwater during a high and low tide.

                                   Prepared groundwater flow maps and evaluated artesian conditions at the site.



                                  Expert Witness - Gasoline in Groundwater, Black Lake Boulevard. Allen Miller Attorney

                                  at Law, Olympia, WA.

                                  Performed groundwater monitoring at two properties on Black Lake Boulevard to determine the

                                  source of a dissolved gasoline plume in groundwater.Provided an opinion and declaration on the

                                  likely source of gasoline in groundwater, for use in trial.



                                  Ecology Grant Preparation and Administration, Tacoma, Washington.

                                  Key member of a Port of Tacoma team that applied for, secured, and administered approximately

                                  $5 million in grants for the Port of Tacoma’s environmental cleanup projects.Grants were provided

                                  by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

                                  In 2007, supported Port staff with preparation of a $1.7 million grant application for the Pier 24/25

                                  embankment cleanup.